Farming: Pesticides create dependable food supply

Sourced from the Boulder Daily Camera. Written by Chad Musick.

Almost a year ago, the pandemic took hold of our country, sending Coloradans to the grocery store, the toilet paper aisle and their TV screens to stock up on goods and find out what to expect in the coming days, weeks and months ahead.

Across Colorado, we were able to stock up on food for weeks at a time to help minimize our
families’ exposure to the virus. Thanks to the tireless efforts of truck drivers, food  distributors and grocery workers, no shelf went unstocked for long.

But we also have to thank the agricultural community. Farmers work very hard to maintain a consistent food supply that keeps plates full throughout the year, pandemic or not. It’s what farmers do. Not even a pandemic can keep them from growing food.

Now, the state needs to keep farmers working, and ensure they have access to all the tools in their toolbox. That includes technological tools like pesticides, to ensure crops survive to

Pesticides are a tested, safe way to protect our food supply. As a younger farmer, I
take full advantage of the technological advances we’ve made over the years, helping make
applications incredibly precise to keep our food, water and land healthy and safe.

There are few folks now who can remember the food insecurity during 1930s. Thankfully, that period remains in the past, and that’s largely due to new technology and tools that are safe for the environment and good for my business — not to mention they help keep the supply chain strong.

Our food supply may have bent during the early days of the pandemic, but it did not break.

This legislative session, we’re asking our policymakers to allow farmers the tools to do what they do best and keep Coloradans’ plates full.

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