Our Concerns

If extreme pesticide regulation is established, public health concerns like bed bugs and pest-borne illnesses could cost our local governments even more
  • Counties are not equipped to handle the administrative and logistical challenges of regulating pesticides. It will cause gaps and delays in treatment.
  • Statewide health systems, like hospitals, depend on a universal code to apply products that prevent illness and infection.
  • Counties could be forced to pull money from important services to account for unforeseen expenses previously handled by the state.
  • We have people in the Colorado’s state government that currently handle these issues.
Your level of wealth should not dictate your standard of health
Colorado deserves better
  • This ban could prevent hospitals, veterinary offices, daycare centers, and restaurants from using products to keep those facilities sanitary and free of infectious disease.
  • Challenging preemption would adversely affect construction, health, agricultural, and many other sectors. Disease prevention affects everyone in the community.
  • Eradicating pests and pest-borne illnesses is impossible without cooperation from all zip codes. Don’t put the community at risk.
  • Socioeconomic lines are invisible to pests—support the tools we need to exterminate them from all homes.
  • Modern agricultural tools ensure that our lumber remains plentiful, so everyone can afford a warm home for their family.
  • Restricting use of management on the local level limits a rapid response to new pests and pest-borne illnesses
Colorado is stronger, together
  • Issues threatening public health and safety, food production, and management of harmful weeds don’t recognize city or county lines. We should be focused on consistent best practices that work for ALL Coloradans.
  • We don’t want to be responsible for accidentally breaking laws. Serious issues like this should stay on the state level.
  • Our goal is to keep vital industries in Colorado growing by keeping the land, and its people, healthy.
  • We are similar in background, in industry, and in need. Why support something that could divide us and over-complicate the system?

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